Creative Glue Podcast Special Edition – Emergence Creative Wrap-Up

In this final Emergence Special, experience the festival through the eyes of its attendees. This vox pops video episode brings you festival-goers’ highlights and favourite moments, alongside footage of the Keynotes and Colab sessions. Check out a couple of the phone-created TVCs captured at Ellensbrook House and drone vision of the Live Sand Art, which drew […]

Creative Glue Podcast Ep 7 – Richard Bullock & Richard Todd

In the final Emergence ‘Aslumni’ interview, Creative Glue’s Scott Robinson chats with filmmakers Richard Bullock and Richard Todd. They’ll discuss their controversial  “What Would Jesus Do?” organ donor campaign, a two-minute ad for the ‘Dying to Live’ documentary that sparked debate and continues to capture global attention. Tune in to hear about their journey and […]

Creative Glue Podcast Ep 6 – Ben Akers

In Episode 6 of Creative Glue: The Emergence Specials, host Scott Robinson chats with Ben Akers, a filmmaker, problem solver, and mental health campaigner who is making waves with his innovative approaches to mental health advocacy. As the co-CEO and Co-Founder of the Male Mental Health Charity Talk Club, Ben’s mission was sparked by a […]

Creative Glue Podcast Ep 5 – Kylie Roberson & Sophie Mathewson

In Episode 5 of Creative Glue: The Emergence Specials, host Scott Robinson chats with Kylie Robertson, Co-Founder and CPO of Matterworks, and Sophie Mathewson, a seasoned Creative Producer & Content Specialist. Those who experienced the 2015 Emergence Festival will remember Kylie’s unforgettable keynote on transmedia and storytelling, where she showcased her visionary approach to the evolving […]

Creative Glue Podcast Ep 4 – Glenn Sarangapany

This week on Creative Glue, host Scott Robinson sits down with the talented Glenn Sarangapany, co-founder of Panda Candy and an acclaimed music composer celebrated with ARIA awards and multi-platinum accolades. Tune in for this Emergence Special to hear about Glenn’s journey, the craft of songwriting, and the role of storytelling through music. Creative Glue […]

Creative Glue Podcast Ep 3 – David Dare Parker & Martine Perret

Check out Episode 3, the latest episode of Creative Glue. Host Scott Robinson, chats with photographers David Dare Parker and Martine Perret. Now based in Margaret River, this dynamic duo of Emergence Aslumni, unveil the creative magnetism of South West WA. From global connections to the local ‘magic in the water,’ discover the essence that […]

Creative Glue Podcast Ep 2 – Will Alexander & Glenn Urquhart

Creative Glue: The Emergence Specials just dropped its second episode and it’s one you won’t want tomiss. This time, Scott Robinson catches up with two incredible minds: Will Alexander of Heckler andGlenn Urquhart, freelance Creative Director.They’re dishing on all things Emergence Festival – the collabs, the creativity, and how it’s become alaunching pad for projects […]

Creative Glue Podcast Ep 1 – Mat Lewis & Anita Pettit

Dive into the word of creative connection with the brand-new Podcast, Creative Glue: The Emergence Special. Join host Scott Robinson as he explores inspiring stories and uncovers the secrets behind what makes creatives stick. The first episode sets the stage for Emergence Creative 2024. Scott, alongside Mat Lewis, Festival Chair and Anita Pettit, Festival Director, […]

Collaborative Partnership Revamps Emergence Festival 2024

The return of Emergence Creative in 2024 is eagerly awaited, and with it comes an exciting new collaboration. Network agencies thebox, EUSO Digital, bureau42 and Panda Candy are teaming up to give the festival a fresh ‘look and feel’ under the 2024 theme ‘It’s Time to Make Space.’ In this dynamic partnership, thebox takes the lead in reimagining the […]