Co-Designing With The Customer

Melanie Wiese will walk you through the why and how of co-designing with customers.

The premise Customer centricity is the new black. If you haven’t pivoted, transformed or centred your business around your customer, you’d better get a wriggle on. To get ahead of the competition, we’re told we are to find out what customers really want. But if we’re all doing the same research, coming up with the same insights, how do we get ahead? And how do we reconcile what customers say they want, and what they actually turn around and do? And isn’t research really expensive? In this session, Melanie Wiese, Chief Strategy Officer of Wunderman Thompson Perth, will walk through the why and how of co-designing with customers. Who should come? The session is aimed at helping small businesses (or large ones that want to help small ones) design their own bespoke, DIY research methodology to help guide decision making and inspire new service and experience ideas. It will introduce co-design, along with more guerilla research techniques, so your business can try new things based on real customers needs, as well as your own instincts.





HEART Theatre


Thursday 10 June

14:30 - 16:00

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