Designing For Accessibility

Steve King, of Atlassian, will explore the ways in which we  can create more inclusive patterns of teamwork and collaboration for the 2.1 million working age people who identify as having a disability.

How can we create more inclusive patterns of teamwork and collaboration? When we design workspaces, processes, software, systems and compliance to better inform, shape and regulate our work we do this to create efficiency and to optimise the experience, but who are we optimising for? Do our optimisations prevent people from participating? In Australia 2.1 million working age people identify as having a disability. In this talk I will walk you through some of the changes I’ve overseen and how they’ve impacted on the working lives of folks around me. It doesn’t always mean big changes to workspaces to be more accomodating but those changes can have a big impact on access and independence of others.


Steve King





HEART Theatre

Included in Festival Bundles

Thursday 10 June

9:30 - 10:15

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