Neighbourhood watch – is local the new global?

The Cultural Conversation Series investigates new areas of culture and the people and content it impacts.

From the noisy clash of the State of Origin, to fiery debates over whose local café serves up the best flat white, the ties between community and Australian identity run deep. For some time now, unifying moments of disruption – such as the 2019 bushfires, and of course 2020’s pandemic – have accelerated the hold that local identity has on our culture. More than ever before, we have adapted to “living local”, we have travelled less far from home, and our inclination to support brands and businesses that align to community values has increased significantly. In partnership with FiftyFive5, Powered by Nine has explored this phenomenon, and what it means for brands. In this session we will share our latest research and explore it’s implications for advertisers – both homegrown brands taking ownership of their role within the community, and international brands seeking to harness some Aussie magic to connect with audiences.


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HEART Theatre

Included in Festival Bundles

Thursday 10 June

16:15 - 17:00

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