Rani Pramesti

Service Designer / Creative Strategist, Creatives of Colour
Rani Pramesti (she/they) is a proud Peranakan-Hokkien-Javanese person living and creating across Kulin Country (Melbourne, Australia), Jakarta (Indonesia) and Ohlone Country (San Francisco). As a storyteller, Rani revels in the interface of social justice and digital innovation. As Rani P Collaborations, she inspires conversations, self-reflection and intercultural exchange through transformative storytelling experiences. Rani P Collaborations' debut performance installation, Chinese Whispers, inspired by the racial and sexual violence of May 1998 in Indonesia, won the 2014 Melbourne Fringe Festival’s Best Live Art Award and Kultour's Innovation in Culturally Diverse Practice Award. In 2017-2018, Rani led an Indonesian-Australian team to adapt Chinese Whispers into a bilingual, digital graphic novel, which can be accessed at www.thechinesewhispers.com Rani is also the Creative Strategist at Creatives of Colour: a shared space and online platform for / by creative people of colour and the Program Producer at Theatre Network Australia, where they are responsible for the Victorian Independent Producers Initiative and Strategic Visioning.
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