Zac Webb

Undalup Association
Wadandi Cultural Custodian totem name Waalitj, being the white bellied sea eagle, born on Wadandi Boodja holding the 4 C's to Boodja, Contentious Cultural Connection to Country. Zac grew up on Wadandi Boodja listening to his father Wayne Webb and remembers sitting with the old people listening stories of Boodja (Country) that have been passed down throughout the generations to continue his families Cultural obligations to the people and the Boodja (Country). Iszaac has spent many years working on an array of projects through the southwest and great southern regions to protect cultural heritage, land and the kinship that is the birth right that all Aboriginal people hold to Boodja (Country) and all its creations. Zac works for his community collectively, to promote Wadandi Pibulmun Culture throughout the region and to give the wider community a better understanding of Cultural protocols, their connection and responsibility to the Boodja (Country) that we all share together while call this place home, whilst always remembering to show respect to the spirits of the land and elders past and present that maintained this Cultural landscape since the beginning so we can enjoy all the Gwirri (Beautiful) things Boodja (County) has to offer.
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