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Creative Glue Podcast Ep 5 – Kylie Roberson & Sophie Mathewson


In Episode 5 of Creative Glue: The Emergence Specials, host Scott Robinson chats with Kylie Robertson, Co-Founder and CPO of Matterworks, and Sophie Mathewson, a seasoned Creative Producer & Content Specialist.

Those who experienced the 2015 Emergence Festival will remember Kylie’s unforgettable keynote on transmedia and storytelling, where she showcased her visionary approach to the evolving landscape of narrative formats and platforms.

This episode explores the art of creating memorable presentations and highlights innovative creative projects in the education sector. Both Kylie and Sophie have transitioned their creative expertise to drive positive change in education, and they’ll share insights on how they’re making an impact.

Creative Glue is a collaborative production by the box, with signature sting written by Panda Candy, highlighting the partnership with Emergence Creative Festival 2024.

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