Emergence Creative - It's Time to Make Space!

Making Space for Inclusive Collaboration

The River
Thu 21 March
1.30pm - 4.00pm
Tess Palmyre, Sharnya Yates, Richard Berney
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DAY 2 / COLAB 3 – This interactive session carves out a safe space for exploring diversity, equity and inclusion in the creative industry. We will encourage open dialogue about fostering a collective mindset to produce work that embraces diverse voices and perspectives.

Starting with a comparative look at who we are as a nation versus our identity in the creative industry, we’ll build a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). The session will unravel various DEI components and definitions through interactive activities, delving into self-discovery, connection, collaboration, and co-creation.

Our discussions will navigate themes such as individualism versus collectivism, intersectionality, collective mindsets, and the intricacies of systems and power dynamics. Through these conversations, we aim to collaboratively craft a visual canvas depicting how we can cultivate collective mindsets within the creative industry by emphasising connection, collaboration, and co-creation.

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